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Solsjkaer declines exit rumours after UCL abysmal defeat

Manchester United's manager Solsjkaer refused to draw himself into speculation over his future
Ernest Sunday

Manchester United's manager Ole Gunner Solsjkaer has declined any speculation linking away as the head coach of Machester United following last night's shameful defeat in the hands of Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehir.

On Wednesday night Solsjkaer's team suffered their first and worst Champions League defeat in the 2020 season after they were beaten 2-1 by Turkish club Istanbul Basaksehir.

It was the worst performance from Solsjkaer's team who looked tired and unserious throughout the game and managed to play only two shots on target for the whole 90 minutes of the game against an unknown Turkish team.

Solsjkaer and his Manchester united players were shameful last night, with sluggish play, the team lacked so much bites for the whole game

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has questioned Solsjkaer's future in the club due to constant poor performance from his team, and the defeat from Basaksehir fueled the speculation even more.

when asked about speculation regarding his future at Manchester United after the defeat, the manager refused to draw himself into the speculation and said it is too early to talk about an exit.

"I decline to comment on such a thing. Of course, it's early on, and opinions are out there all the time. I'm employed by the club to do a job, and I do that to the best of my ability with my staff."

Solsjkaer went ahead to criticize his team for giving away goals easily in the game, leading them to two straight defeat in a row.

Solsjkaer's verdict on Manchester United's first UCL defeat

“We were playing a short corner, and everyone forgets to get back with the players they’re playing against, and Demba Ba snuck in behind us,” Solskjaer said about the hosts’ opener.

Two defeat in a row is a bad result for Solsjkaer's team that will play against Everton in the Premier League during the weekend

“Lack of communication and lack of good decisions, you don’t really see those goals at this level. We shouldn’t concede easy goals like this; we know how hard it is to create goals and create chances and when you give easy soft goals like the two we have done today it makes it hard.

“Obviously, it’s not a goal you normally concede. We’ve not done our duties and roles their that’s my responsibility we were going to play a short corner, but we forgot our defending duties after we played a couple of short passes.”

While there has been plenty of criticism about the defending, Solskjaer also has questions to answer as they struggled to break the Turkish side down.

“We started off in the first 10 minutes, and it looked like we had some space and there might be some decent openings, but we left ourselves wide open for the two goals, and that was disappointing,” Solskjaer said.

“Good response to the goal after their second and then in the second half we thought we could push on and create chances, but we just didn’t break them down.”

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