The history of the Premier League

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Premier League is an English football tournament that is played in England, it was found in 1888 by English Football Association and is the most-watched sports in the world.

The competition which was first named Football League First Division in 1888 was rebranded on 20 February 1992 as English Premier League. The first League after the rebranding of the League was played in 1992/1993 with 22 teams taking part in the tournament that season. There 49 teams participating in the competition except for two clubs Cardiff City and Swansea which are located in Wales.

In 1955 the twenty-two teams that take part in the League was reduced to twenty teams after four teams were relegated from the competition and two teams were promoted. Currently, the league host 38 matches in a season with each club playing both home and away with each opponent.

Premier League are mostly played during the weekend, and each team that wins a match is awarded three points. After each season the winner is ranked based on the points acquired in that particular season. In a situation where two teams have equal points, the winner will be ranked by the team that has the highest goals gotten from the two clubs (goal aggregate), if they are equal it will be ranked with the club that scored the highest goals in that particular season.

After each season the teams that top from first to the fourth position will be promoted to the Europian competition ( UEFA Champions League). In contrast, the last three teams with the least point will be relegated to English Football Championship (EFL) as the tournament has a connection with the League, while the first three teams in the Championship will be promoted to the Premier League.

Internationally the Premier League is ranked second in the European competition (13 Champions League trophy) behind Spanish La Liga that has won the Champions League 18 times.

The first match of the Premier League after its rebranding was played between Sheffield United and Manchester United. The game ended in a 2-1 in favour of Sheffield with the first goal of Premier league coming from Sheffield United's Brian Deane.

The first club to win the Premier League Trophy was Manchester United, and they went ahead to defend their trophy lifting it for the second time. Then in 1994/1995 season, Blackburn Rovers lifted the trophy.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United were the dominance of Premier League top four in the 2000s over a decade.

In 2003/2004 Arsenal FC became the first club to play a whole season without losing a single match and at the same won the Premier League trophy, and that earned them the nickname "The Invisible".

In 2009/2010 Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City broke into the top four, and since then they joined among the contenders of the top spot in the league, and that brought to changing the name from English four to "big six".

In 2016/2017 it was a surprising scenario as the big six was broken again, Leicester City lifted the trophy for the first time with Claude Renerri.

Premier League awards

  • The longest manager in the Premier League is Arsène Winger who managed Arsenal from 1996 to 2017, and that gave him the record of most match managed in the Premier League 828.

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger walking down the tunnel after a home match

  • The club with the most Premier League trophies is Manchester United with 20 Premier League trophies and 16 runner-ups.
  • Manager with the highest Premier League trophy is Six Alex Ferguson Manchester United manager with 13 Premier League trophies, and that earned him the Premier League best manager.

Former Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson celebrating his winning of EPL trohpy

  • Premier League all-time best player is Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs who made 672 appearances in the Premier League and scored 114 goals.
  • Premier League most appearances is Former Manchester City player Gareth Barry who made 652 appearances in the Prier League at a different club.
  • Goalkeeper with most clean sheets in the Premier League is former England Keeper David Benjamin James with 173 clean sheets.
  • Best team of the Premier League is Arsenal as it is the only club to go unbeaten in the 2003/2004 seasons.
  • Premier League all-time best goal is Wanye Rooney goal in a match between Manchester United and Manchester City (Manchester derby) on 12 February 2011.

Best Premier League save by goalkeeper is Craig Gordon 18 December 2011 in a game between Sunderland and Bolted Wanderers.

Top five Premier League top goal scorers

The Premier League has produced a lot of stunning goals in its history and some good players that have scored a lot of goals. Let us take a look at the top players with the highest Premier League goals.

  1. Alan Shearer 1992 to 2006 260 goals in 441 appearances.
  2. Wayne Rooney 2002 to 2018 208 goals in 491 appearances.
  3. Andy Cole 1992 to 2008 scored 178 goals in 414 appearances.
  4. Sergio Aguero 2011 till date has scored 180 goals in 263 appearances.
  5. Frank Lampard 1995 to 2015 scored 177 goals in 609 appearances.

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