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Defaced launches Chrome Extension for Google Core Web Vitals

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu
By Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Sr Software Engineer at Delivery Hero, Investor, Sports analyst and Tech Evangelist

a fine Web of network, has launched a chrome extension that allows you to view the core web vitals from the Chrome User Experience Report for a given webpage right in the google search results.

With this latest development, you can now view the core web vitals reports for web pages around the world right inside google search results.

The Chrome Extension is available on Google Chrome Extension store. According Defaced, you need to get a free API key for the Chrome UX Report API to be able to use the chrome extension.

The Core Web Vitals report for web pages right inside google search results. Including the Largest Contentful Paint, LCP, First Input Delay, FID, and Cumulative layout Shift, CLS. []

After generating the API Key, you need to add the key to the extension's settings page, and you will start to see Core web vitals metrics in your search results.

Follow this link to generate your Chrome UX Experience Report API,

The core web vitals metrics reported in google search console and the Chrome UX report include:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint, LCP
  2. First Input Delay, FID, and
  3. Cumulative layout Shift, CLS

You will be able to view these metrics for all web pages in your search results.