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Earn good career benefits and position with Cisco DevOps solutions exam

By Clacified
CISCO DevOps solutions exam and practice

Cloud computing is being adopted by the majority of businesses all over the world. With the immense development of this technology over the years, there is a constant need for experienced Cloud practitioners on the market.

This article will teach you how to advance your Cloud career by passing the CCNP: Designing and implementing CISCO DevOps solutions exam and earning the CISCO certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certification. Read on to see the main benefits of this qualifying test.

What is the CISCO CCNP exam about?

Before we discuss the advantages of the CCNP certification exam, let’s have a quick look at its structure. This test contains from 40 to 60 questions that cover 7 knowledge areas.

The individuals will have 180 minutes of allocated time to answer these questions. To complete the exam and qualify for the certificate, you will be required to achieve the minimum passing score of 700 points out of 1000 available.

The test is delivered in the English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean languages and requires a fee of $165. Note that this sum applies to a single delivery of the exam, and if you fail it, you will be required to pay the additional fee.

Top benefits of the CISCO CCNP

If you plan to sit for the CISCO CCNP exam, you might want to know what career development the CISCO CCNP exam will bring you. See the major advantages of this certification test below.

1. Solid cloud skills

While preparing for the CISCO CCNP exam, you will acquire valuable knowledge and skills aligned with modern technologies and trends.

After completing the certification test, it will be easier for you to prove your competency in developing and applying strategies, such as target collaboration, source control, infrastructure, code, compliance, and security.

Having this expertise, you will have a better chance of finding your desired job.

2. Vast career opportunities

CISCO is among the leading cloud computing service providers, and earning an Azure-related certification will give you a chance to work for global companies.

Organizations around the world are searching for experienced DevOps engineers to manage their services and operations. After acing CISCO CCNP, you will gain credibility in the market and stand out in the crowd.

3. Higher salaries

Passing the CISCO CCNP exam also makes you the first candidate for a pay rise. The average salary for a CISCO Azure DevOps Engineer (a junior-level professional) in the United States is around $125,000 per year.

The mid-level practitioners, in their turn, can earn around $145,000 per annum, while the senior-level specialists can count on the median salary of $185,000 per year.


Once you ace the CISCO CCNP certification exam, you receive plenty of benefits, starting with career progression and ending with higher salaries. If you want to enjoy the perks associated with this test, then sitting for it is worth your time, money, and effort!