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Google Core Web Vitals page experience ranking to commence May 2021

Harrison Ifeanyichukwu
By Harrison Ifeanyichukwu

Sr Software Engineer at Delivery Hero, Investor, Sports analyst and Tech Evangelist


Google has announced that its anticipated Core Web Vitals or page experience ranking will commence in Many 2021 alongside previous ranking metrics like mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

Earlier this year, in May 2020, Google announced that Page Experience signals will be including in search ranking. The page experience here is talking about the Six Core Web Vitals which includes the following

  1. First Contentful Paint, FCP
  2. Largest Contentful Paint, LCP
  3. Total Blocking Time, TBT
  4. Speed Index
  5. Time To Interactive
  6. Cumulative Layout Shift

Since the announcement in May, Google has invested much effort into providing accurate and detailed information about web page real-world experience gathered through Chrome UX experience reporting to website owners in search console.

Clacified reported yesterday about a new chrome extension developed by developers that helps internet users around the world view web page performance reports right inside google search results.

Core web vitals on search results using Defaced Core Serp vitals chrome extension

According to Google, The new performance signal will be used to determine articles that will make it to the top stories carousel on Google Search, and the AMP page requirement will be dropped.

Web owners are hereby encouraged to optimize for these six core web vital metrics and utilize their search console for detailed reporting of URLs.