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Luxury cars above V6 engines might not be a good fit for Nigerians

Ernest Sunday
By Ernest Sunday

Freelance sports writer with great passion for football, Academic content writer and Lifestyle Blogger

The negative effect of buying a V8 and other higher engine configuration luxury cars in many developing countries, especially Nigeria

The reasons Nigerians and other developing countries should for cars with 6v  and lesser engines

Many automobile companies have developed many beautiful luxury cars with great design and outstanding performance owning to their horsepower and torque.

Over the years, there have been inventions of different luxury cars with varying engine configurations to increase performances of cars beginning from the straight engine, inline engine, flat engine, and V-engine comprising V-twin, V3, V4, V5 V6, V7, V8 and many others.

Since the invention of V-engines, which started from V-twin engines, automobile companies such as Aston Martin, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce, BMW, Acura, Lamborghini, Audi and others have tried to upgrade their car productions to get cars with the best design and the best performances.

Every car is rated with its design and performance. The invention of the V-engine has upgraded the performance of many luxury cars, increasing their combustion rate leading to a higher performance output.

Even though these upgrades have increased the high performance of different luxury cars, there are still many risks of driving some V-engine luxury cars in developing countries like Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

This article will explain why V8 engine cars and other higher upgraded luxury cars might not suit many undeveloped countries, especially Nigerians.

A v6 powered Acura NSX

What is a V-engines

In car engines, cylinders carry out internal combustion in different cars to generate horsepower; Some of these cylinders are configured in various patterns; some are placed in one row while others are double rows opposite each other.

The type of cylinder placed in one row can be called a straight-line engine, inline engine and many more depending on its configuration. The newest design, V-engine, is quite different from other car engines.

The V-engine are the type of car engine where the cylinders are placed opposite each other and connected to one crankshaft in a V-shaped pattern. It is sometimes called a Vee engine.

The V-engine consists of two-cylinder banks opposite each other with the same number of cylinders connected to a shared crankshaft in the opposite direction.

V-engines have a shorter length than older engines, such as inline engines, straight engines and many others, creating enough space in cars and reducing car weights.

Different types of V-engines cylinders and how to works

Since the invention of V-engines by car manufacturers, different types of V-engines have been produced with different numbers of cylinders for combustion with the aim of increase car performance.

V-engines are named according to the number of cylinders placed in the two-cylinder banks for internal combustion; the V-twin engines were the first V-engines produced with two cylinders.

After some time of limited combustion rate in cars, car manufacturers started producing higher v-engines with more cylinders to generate higher combustion to increase car speeds.

A V8 engine in action

Since then, many higher V-engines such as V3 engine, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, V10 and V12 have been produced. V3 engines contain three-cylinder, V5-engines 5 cylinders, V6-engines 6 cylinders, V8-engines 8 cylinders, and so do others.

The number of cylinders in a car determines the rate of combustion and horsepower generated in a car; for example, a V4-engine vehicle with four cylinders four internal combustions generate a lower combustion rate than a V6-engine car.

A V6-engine car generates a lower combustion rate than a V8-engine car due to a higher number of cylinders for internal combustion in V8-engine than V6-engines.

The creation of all these cars with higher horsepower has increased the enthusiasm of driving luxury cars covering long distances in a very short time.

Benefits of V6-engine over other higher V-engine configurations

Even though many automobile companies have produced many higher V-engines that outputs more outstanding performance, V6-engine is regarded as one of the best engines for cars.

You might wonder why I have chosen to write on this topic while I have mentioned that it has lesser speed than other with higher engine configuration.

After reading the advantages of V6 engines over other higher engines; you might agree that V6 engines should be a go for many consumers, especially those in developing countries.

A V6 engine written on a car engine

Although other higher engines generate more horsepower than V6 engines, the difference in speed between them is hardly detected; their differences in speeds are only 10%; for example, the V8 engine has only a 10% speed gap from V6.

There are many advantages of V6 engines over other higher V-engines, such as

  • Fuel efficiency - It has been shown from many car testings that the V6 engine configuration is more economical in using fuel than other higher engines. It was discovered that the higher the number of gas cylinders for internal combustion, the higher the rate of fuel combustion from such cars.
  • Lesser weight advantage - fewer cylinders in the V6 engine gives the car lesser weight making it easier to turn V6 vehicles at curves and corner areas.
  • Easy handling - A V6 engine car has more stability than other of its higher counterpart, this makes it easier to handle, and it is worth considering when getting a luxury car.
  • Above all, many V6 engine vehicles are more affordable than other higher engines with just a little speed difference.

Reason Nigerians and other developing countries should go for V6-engine cars

Many developing countries, especially African countries like Nigeria and other western countries, face many challenges. These countries face a high rate of poverty due to unemployment.

Apart from poverty, there is a lack of infrastructures like good roads, a lack of traffic control, and a high cost of fuel in these developing countries.

Despite the challenges these countries face, there are still many rich ones who can afford the most expensive luxury cars in the world above V6 engines.

Even though these rich people have much money to afford these luxury vehicles, they might find it hard to drive them in Nigeria and other developing countries.

Lexus car with V6 engines

Tracing back from what we have discussed about the benefits of V6 engines, most of the factors that might be a problem driving luxury cars above V6 engines in many developing countries are:

  • The speed of every vehicle is determined by the number of cylinders in its engine; as we discussed before, the more the number of cylinders in a car engine the higher the higher the horsepower generated leading a high speed output. Imagine firing such luxury cars with high speed on a bad road, the fun of driving it will not be there; still, you are spending so much money on it.
  • With so many bad roads in developing countries, driving expensive luxury cars will force you to choose good roads, turning in different corners. Due to the big number of cylinders in such cars it will be heavy for you to handle.
  • Countries without traffic rules are perilous, a situation where people have no rules of driving, it will be hazardous to drive high speed cars as it might lead to accidents. No need of spending so much money buying cars that you will not test their full performance.
  • Due to the high fuel rate in some developing countries like Nigeria, it would be advisable to go for cars with lesser cylinders that have a good fuel efficiency.