Top 10 best dating apps for 2021

Franklin Izuchukwu

The rate of physical interaction and meeting new people reduces by day; top dating apps offer a window to find love and start new relationships.

Splash screen of tinder dating app.

Humans will always crave companionship or relationship; this urge is ingrained in the DNA as part of everyday lives. Developers created social media to connect people, but the medium has been overtaken by virtual relationships, politics and other devised elements.

On the other hand, dating apps were developed to reconnect, meet each other, and date in a neutral medium. There are numerous dating apps, but Clacified brings the top 10 best dating apps for 2021.

Work-related engagements also add to the social distance and loneliness many individuals feel today; it highlights the need for Dating apps.

The significant advantage offered by the top 10 best dating apps is the ability to curate matches. Most top dating apps allow users to pre-select qualities they are looking out for in prospective partners.

High-end dating apps maximize this functionality to optimize users' experience and keep them glued to the app. Dating apps also make use of users' locations to triangulate matches.

It is also worthy to note that Most dating apps are country-specific, and therefore, potential users could be restricted due to locations.

The list of the top 10 best dating apps for 2021 are tabulated below:

Tinder gets over 1 billion swipes per day.

1. Tinder

Tinder is an online dating app that Sean Rad founded in 2012. Since its inception, Tinder has recorded many milestones, thus being the first on the top 10 best dating apps list.

Tinder migrated to the swiping system to match users. In Tinder, both users are matched if they both swiped right against their respective profiles.

Users are not allowed to message unmatched users on Tinder

Tinder also integrated core features like video calls, Instagram profiles and a panic button for emergency assistance and location tracking.

The Tinder plus one option is an add-on feature for users who wish to connect and arrange a date for weddings or other events.

In March 2021, Tinder introduced a vital feature to allow users to order background checks on potential dates to avoid domestic violence, abuse, etc.

Premium subscriptions like Tinder Gold gives users more profile controls, unlimited likes, rewind and super likes.

Tinder remains one of the most popular dating apps for 2021, with over 75 million monthly active users. In 2015 Tinder was the 5th highest-grossing app.

Bumble is a publicly-traded dating app.

2. Bumble

Bumble is the 2nd best dating app in 2022. Unlike Tinder, Bumble is owned by a publicly-traded company, Bumble incorporation.

Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble after she left Tinder due to some disputes. Bumble can pass as the 'Feminist Tinder' because of the company's modus operandi.

Bumble uses the swiping method for matching profiles together; however, male users cannot initiate the conversation. The dating app gives female users the prerogative to make the first move within 24hrs else the matched profile will disappear.

Initially, Bumble used Facebook profiles to onboard registering users, but the recent data breach scandals involving Facebook has prompted the developers to offer more sign up options.

Bumble became the first US dating app to integrate photo verification; Users are asked to submit selfies with a unique pose verified by a human. The feature was aimed at preventing scams and identity fraud.

Bumble also has an option for paid subscriptions like a 24-hour extension for matches, swipes and other services.

In 2017, Forbes valued the dating app at 1 billion USD. As of February 2021, Bumble has over 40 million users. is a popular name in the dating service.


The 3rd on Clacified's list of top 10 best dating apps for 2021 is Match. is an online dating website and application that has been in existence since 1995. The Match Group owns the mobile dating service. perfected an algorithm that helps users get matched with people that meet their standards. According to the website, is responsible for more relationships and dating, unlike other dating apps.

Match also claims the dating app is host to a large pool of persona that meets every social class and inclination. Match also employs users to curate their search based on political views.

The dating app also added Android Wear and Apple Watch integration with voice and video snippets for profiles. Match also supports video calls to enhance more virtual connections. is a premium dating app because users cannot access most features after the trial period. The online dating app also has android and iOS applications.

OkCupid uses pyschological analysis to perfect its matching algorithm.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid falls within the radar of the top 10 best dating apps for 2021. The Match group acquired OkCupid in 2011.

The dating app once had support for various forms of communication but has retired most functions to support mainly messaging.

OkCupid usually engages in psychological and search analysis tests on its dating app to deduce what users want. This research has helped the software company develop a matching algorithm that will likely produce positive results.

For instance, during the sign-up process on OkCupid, prospective users are expected to take a quiz. They are also likely to rate the level of importance of these questions while selecting the answers they are most likely to accept from partners.

Amid rising users inflow (reported by other dating sites) during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, OkCupid has reported a 23.4% decline in monthly active users.

In February 2019, many users reported their OkCupid accounts were hacked and used in an alleged credential stuffing incident, though the OkCupid team denied any data breach.

OurTime dating app believes that age is only a number; even the elderly can find love again with the app.

5. OurTime

OurTime is the 5th best dating app for 2021 because of the features and unique business model associated with the Dating app.

OurTime claims to understand the needs and wants of the elderly. It is a dating site that lobbies the interests of individuals of 50 years and above.

The dating app is also ideal for young people who prefer to date older individuals; OurTime accommodates a variety of age groups. Still, its core service is to assist the elderly in getting partners.

OurTime made the sign-up process very easy to suit senior citizens who may not be tech-savvy. The onboarding process lets users choose profiles of people they admire.

The algorithm uses these preferences to make suitable suggestions while swiping.

OurTime is a premium dating app; it prevents communication among users unless they have paid for a subscription, though users can swipe and check out profiles.

OurTime dating app has over 21 million users on its platform.

There are beliefs that eHarmoney espouses a more traditional approach to dating.

6. eHarmony

eHarmony is another top dating app, and it was founded by clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren and his son-in-law Greg Forgatch in 2000.

eHarmony claims to be the first dating app to develop a proprietary algorithm for matching instead of a random-based pairing of partners.

With the help of the founders, eHarmony created questionnaires about beliefs, emotional health, values and skills. The algorithm uses the data to formulate a matching model.

eHarmony also integrated behavioural analysis function on the App, and the analysis is made using the overall time each user spends on the App.

eHarmony is known to reject over 20% of applicants due to marital status, age, inconsistent answers or failing their dysthymia scale test. eHarmony claims this mechanism has made their algorithm even more effective in matching compatible partners.

Harvard business review published a 2010 review on the Harmony dating app. The article claimed that eHarmony is effective in matching compatible partners. According to the study, the high fee, questionnaire and rejection methodology used by eHarmony ensures that only users interested in long-term relationships make it to their database.

Facebook uses its data to model a creative matching algorithm.

7. Facebook dating

Yes, the popular social media app Facebook also offers dating services through its in-app feature.

Facebook is among the world's largest tech companies that thrive in data collection and artificial intelligence. Facebook is known to own messaging and social media apps.

The tech giant ventured into dating services in September 2019. Facebook dating was never hosted on a dedicated app but instead is seen as one of the in-app functions within the Facebook app.

Facebook dating utilizes the massive data owned by Facebook to develop a matching algorithm. It matches people based on location, Facebook click event, etc.

The dating services require users to set up new profiles and upload new pictures instead of the data already on the Facebook app.

Facebook dating also permits users to choose if they wish to be matched with Facebook friends or the outside circle.

Facebook dating is limited to only a handful of countries. Potential users can access Facebook dating through the options button seen on the Facebook homepage.

Hinge offers a different enviroment for users.

8. Hinge

Hinge is the 8th best dating app to use for 2021. The dating app stands out among other dating apps, and it is one of the few dating apps that claim the end goal is for users to delete the app - presumably, because they have found love.

Unlike most dating apps that have popularized swipe to select prospective matches, Hinge employs reactions, direct messages and comments to encourage connections.

Hinge operates by recommending users with the profiles of prospective partners. Users are allowed to comment or react to the profiles as they scroll.

Using Hinge, users can message each other without being matched. Hinge claims they are focusing more on conversation, personal traits and less on physical appearances.

The hinge app allows users to filter and search prospective partners based on religion, height, etc.

CMB tags matches as Bagels.

9. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app founded by 3 sisters in New york city. It was launched in 2012. Coffee Meets Bagel is also referred to as CMB.

CMB employs a unique approach to its dating app. The app sends a limited number of female profiles to men based on their preferences. CMB would later show women profiles of men that have shown interest in them.

Once users are matched, the dating app gives a 7-day window to interact with each other. It is worthy to state that in CMB, matches are called Bagels.

CMB also followed the likes of Hinge to emphasize fostering more connection amongst users rather than just using an algorithm for matches. The updated version of the CMB app allows users to comment and like users' profiles.

In 2019, the Register reported that over 6 million CMB user accounts were hacked, the data was also auctioned for sale on the dark web. CMB later acknowledged that some accounts were hacked but insisted that the hacker stole only partial users' data.

The Snack dating app targets the Gen Zs.

10. Snack

Snack is another top dating app in the digital market today.

Other dating apps use profiles, photos or personal traits to curate their matches, but Snack raised the bar for dating apps.

The snack dating app can easily pass as Tiktok in a dating app. Snack uses short videos which allow users to introduce themselves and expect reactions or comments from other users.

Snack uses Tiktok's FYP in combination with endless scrolling on Tinder to increase user experience. Users are allowed to message each other after they are matched.

One can say that OurTime is a dating app for the elderly, while Snack seeks to recruit the younger generation (under 25years). The younger generation is also known as Gen Z, while the preceding generation is called the Millennials (calcified has a comprehensive article on how the millennials behave).

Snack has not been shy about courting the Gen Z market, as seen in their effort to raise 2 million dollars from angel investors and other stakeholders in the Gen Z community.

As of press time, users can only access the Snack app from iOS devices.


Dating apps are fun and have led to successful marriages; however, some concerns should be observed while using dating apps.

As seen above, there have been varying degrees of security breaches on some of the dating apps.

While matching algorithms might be near perfect, it is wise to remember that there are still dishonest people out there who are ready to input false data to achieve their goals.

There are many reports of catfishing and financial scams encountered from dating apps; thus, Clacified advises users to be mindful of engaging in to-good-to-be-true investment schemes.

Notwithstanding the negative vibes that users may experience from dating apps, there is love out there, and one of the above top 10 best dating apps may be the window to finding love.