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Mysterious radio signal coming from space – Scientists announce

Mysterious radio signal is coming from space – Scientists announce
Tochi Juliet

Astronomers have said that mysterious, intense blasts of radio energy have been detected from orbit but within our own galaxy.

A group of astronomers spotted a short, powerful blast of radio waves coming from outer space and then successfully found where it was coming from.

It was said to have come from a distant object inside our Milky Way galaxy, according to three research papers.

It’s the first time scientists have been able to pinpoint these mysterious radio waves coming from inside the Milky Way, making them the closest of their kind that we’ve ever seen.

Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, last only a fraction of a second but can be 100 million times more powerful than the Sun. Despite their intensity, their origin remains largely unknown.

Scientists have had trouble tracking down the origin of such blasts because they are so short, unpredictable and originate far away.

The mysterious signals have stoked speculation that they might be a message — or a warning — from distant alien life. However, researchers say the origin for this signal was likely a magnetar — a cosmic name for what is essentially a “zombie” star.

Magnetar hosts an incredibly powerful magnetic field that stores mind-boggling amounts of energy, capable of distorting the shapes of atoms.

There’s this great mystery as to what would produce these great outbursts of energy, which until now we’ve seen coming from halfway across the universe,” Kiyoshi Masui, an MIT physics professor, told The Independent.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to tie one of these exotic fast radio bursts to a single astrophysical object,” he said.

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