Hackers viewed private messages of 36 accounts - Twitter

Twitter hack: Twitter discloses that private direct messages of 36 Twitter accounts were viewed
Emeh Joy

Twitter has disclosed that hackers who were involved in last week's hack viewed private direct messages from 36 Twitter accounts.

It didn't disclose the owners of the account. However, it said an elected official in the Netherlands owned one of the accounts.

Twitter further said it doesn't believe the DM of any other former or current politician was accessed. No clarifications have been made as regards how many of the said accounts overlap with the 54 that tweeted a Bitcoin scam.

The bitcoin scam tweet by the hacker using Jeff Bezos Twitter account

Twitter didn't name the affected Dutch official. However, local reports suggested that it is likely to be Geert Wilders, a politician.

Last week, his profile image was reportedly replaced with that of a cartoon of a black man while his account's background image was changed to that of the Moroccan flag.

The accounts of several high-profile leaders, politicians and celebrities posted a bogus get-rich-quick scheme.

Prominent Twitter accounts that were hacked to tweet the Bitcoin scam

Here are the owners of some of the accounts posted the get-rich-quick scheme last week:

  • Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk
  • Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos
  • American rapper, Kanye West
  • Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West
  • Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama
  • The Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden

It is believed that victims of the scam sent about $120,000 (£93,600) in Bitcoin to the perpetrators. It is also thought that the amount would have been higher assuming a crypto-currency exchange had not obstructed and stopped further transfers.

Prominent Twitter accounts hacked to tweet the Bitcoin scam

According to Twitter, a total of 130 accounts were targeted in the attack and this exposed personal information which includes email addresses and phone numbers.

Previously, Twitter revealed that eight non-verified accounts had all of their Twitter data downloaded. This includes direct messages. The social network platform might reveal more about the incident.

The US Senate Commerce Committee has also demanded that Twitter briefs it about the entire incident by July 23 (today).

Also, the Senior Republican on the House of Representatives' Judiciary committee has directed its chairperson to ask Twitter's chief executive, Jack Dorsey to attend a separate hearing on Monday where executives of Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are already scheduled to give testimony.

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