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Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu: BBNaija Ozo Biography, Net Worth, family, 2020

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BBNaija Ozoemena "Ozo" Joseph Chukwu is a Sports Analyst and consultant, Ozo was among the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates.

BBNaija Ozo was evicted in the penultimate week of the show, BBNaija Ozo was evicted with former housemate TikyTee before the Big Brother show finale.

BBNaija Ozo made airwaves during the Big Brother Naija Lockdown show; he was tagged as overly handsome and gentle.

BBNaija Ozo was also associated with BBNaija Nengi; BBNaija Ozo consistently pushed to have a relationship with Nengi, who always stated the former (BBNaija Ozo) was not her type.

Ozo's BBNaija fans identify as Superions on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They passionately campaigned for him to stay in the house till his eviction.

BBNaija Ozo Biography

Ozoemena Chukwu was born on 4th August 1993. BBNaija Ozo was born into a wealthy family, Ozo was born and brought up in Imo state Nigeria.

Ozoemena popularly known as BBNaija Ozo is 27 years old Consultant and entrepreneur from Imo State.

According to BBNaija Ozo, one of his greatest achievements was to work with UEFA Federation for Europe.

BBNaija Ozo Bio Data

Birth name

Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu



Date of Birth

4th August 1993


27 years old (2020)



State of Origin

Imo state

Ozo Net worth

$45,000 (2020)

BBNaija Ozo Family and Background

BBNaija Ozo was born into a family of three sisters; making Ozo the only son to his father and mother.

Since BBNaija Ozo made it to the Big Brother house, there have been enquiries about Ozo's family and background.

BBNaija Ozo has three Doctors in his family (his father and two sisters), Ozo also has a sister practising Law and a mother who is a professor.

BBNaija Ozo family; Father, mother and three sisters

BBNaija Ozo Educational background

BBNaija Ozo reportedly comes from a family of intellectuals, as explained earlier.

BBNaija Ozo attended the Kharkiv National University Of Radio Electronics, where he graduated with a first-class Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Cybernetics.

Between 2016 and 2018, he was a student at Riga Technical University. The institution is based in Riga, Latvia, Northern Europe. He graduated with a Master of Science degree in Business and Financial Management.

In 2017, BBNaija Ozo attended the Biznesa Augstskola Turība (or simply Turiba University) which is the largest business school in Latvia.

At Turiba University, Ozoemena Chukwu obtained a degree in Strategic Communication For Leadership, Communication and Media Studies.

Throughout his stay in the Lockdown house, fans and housemates described BBnaija Ozo as a master communicator; BBNaija Ozo was also famous for his superb presentation skills.

In the year 2017, BBNaija Ozo trained at the Professional Football Scouts Association where he obtained football scouting skills.

BBNaija housemate Ozoemena Joseph Chukwu; he did a sports presentation in the big brother House.

BBNaija Ozo Career and Job experience

BBNaija Ozo’s most recent job was the role of a human resource and compliance manager for Dezern Nigeria, a chemical manufacturing company with several branches in Nigeria, he worked with Dezern Nigeria in the year 2019.

BBNaija Ozo's first known gig was working as a Chief Operating Officer at Stemay CCXL3 clothing between 2012 and 2015.

BBNaija Ozo held other notable job position below:

BBNaija Ozo Job and experience


Post held and Company

November 2014 - October 2015

high school teacher and football coach working for the Federal Government of Nigeria and Rangers Football Club

March 2017 - April 2017

Player scout for FS METTA/Latvijas Universitāte

August 2017 - December 2017.

Customer Relations Specialist at Intelligent Systems

May 2018 - August 2018

Football academy analyst at Latvian Football Federation

April 2019 - May 2019.

Sports analyst at Dream FM in Nigeria

BBNaija Ozo Net worth

According to The360report, BBNaija net worth is estimated to be $45,000 as at 2020.

As stated earlier BBNaija Ozo has worked for different companies and held reputable positions in each.

BBNaija Ozo also made More than 3million Naira with a brand new Innoson car while in Biggie's house.

BBNaija Ozo’s Girlfriend or Wife

BBNaija Ozo says he is single and is currently not linked with any girlfriend or partner. BBNaija Ozo is not married and currently does not have a wife.

However while in the BBNaija house, Ozo developed fondness for fellow housemates Nengi and Dorathy.

She tagged Dorathy who obviously had a thing for him 'friend' and pursued a love interest with Nengi. Ozo described Nengi as being beautiful.

BBNaija Ozo once said that after the initial entrance into the Lockdown house, the only person he saw or that attracted his attention was Nengi.

BBNaija Ozo on social media

BBNaija Ozo is very active on social media. The official Twitter account of BBNaija Ozo is @officialozo.

The official Instagram account of BBNaija Ozo is @OfficialOzoBBN.

BBNaija Ozo is synonymous with stylish dressing sense; his social media page tells you all you need to know.

BBNaija Ozo Journey in the Big Brother Naija House

BBNaija Ozo was the first Housemate to enter the Lockdown House, while in the house BBNaija Ozo quickly became friends with Dorathy; the duo was inseparable.

BBNaija Ozo journey in the house was quite remarkable; he won many wager and tasks; it was this stride that earned him a solid fan base.

Ozo won the Pepsi music task with TrikyTee; Pepsi rewarded them with a cash prize of 1million naira each.

BBNaija Ozo was also tagged as being quite a diplomat, BBNaija Nengi even had to complain that he was too peaceful for her taste. BBNaija Ozo in every debacle will always avoid choosing sides.

BBNaija Ozo was deeply in love with fellow housemate BBNaija Nengi, BBNaija Ozo never missed a chance to show his affection for Nengi.

BBnaija Ozo with his Love interest, BBNaija Nengi in the big Brother House.

Big Brother Naija fans had conflicting views about Ozo; some saw BBNaija Ozo's attitude toward Nengi as a curse that may have led to his downfall while others strongly believe there is nothing wrong with being open about who we love.

Clacified had a thing or two to say about the Ozo-Nengi situation; you can read more about it here.

BBNaija Ozo was the second Housemate to win the Head of House (HoH) task after Nengi.

After BBNaija Ozo won the HoH, he surprised fans by choosing Dorathy as his deputy, though he later won the HoH task for the second time and choose to deputized his love interest, Nengi.

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