Who is Nengi BBNaija? Housemate's biography, age, occupation and Net worth

Nengi, 2020 BBnaija Housemate
By Emeh Joy

As the popular Nigerian reality TV show, Big Brother Naija hits millions of views every day people get to ask more questions as regards the housemates. Today, we talk about one of the most beautiful ladies in the BBNaija House, Nengi.

Viewers and fans are curious to know more about their favourite housemates, and Nengi seems to make it to the top list of favourite housemates. Oh well, who would see "beauty" and not love it?

So, let's just jump right into the first question people (especially the BBNaija newbies) usually ask about this housemate.

Who is Big Brother Naija Nengi?

Rebecca Nengi Hampson is one of the BBNaija lockdown housemates simply known in the house by her middle name, 'Nengi'. Nengi is a young Nigerian lady from Bayelsa State.

Nengi is an entrepreneur. She has been on the spotlight before now as she is a former model and had made it to the MDGN 2017 top five contestants.

Nengi's words to live by: Live and let live

Nengi studied Communications at the University of Port Harcourt and have touted herself to be a Capricorn. She was quoted to have said, "If you want the job done right, give it to a Capricorn. I give 110% of my energy and enthusiasm into everything I do".

How old is Nengi, and where is she from?

According to the young lady, she is 22 years old and comes from Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Is Nengi single or married (marital status)

Nengi is single and has never been married. She also never made mention of having any kid.

Is Nengi mixed?

Unsurprising, people have been asking if Nengi is mixed race. The BBnaija housemate never made mention of being a mixed race, but, people still ask to be sure.

With her light-complexioned skin, she could easily pass for a mixed race- what people here in Nigeria typically refer to as 'half-caste'.

But, with the stories and introduction, she made about herself, Nengi is not mixed, and she is from Bayelsa state Nigeria.

Is Nengi a model?

Before getting into the Big Brother Naija house, Nengi had already garnered a large fan base for herself as she is a beauty queen and has been in the pageantry world.

Nengi, when she contested for MBGN

She was into modelling and even made it as one of the top 5 MDGN contestants in 2017. Earlier, when she introduced herself to the house and said she was 22, it stirred lots of commotions among viewers who believed she was lying about her age.

Some did their digging and came up with what seemed like a proof that she isn't 22- she announced her age as 23 when she contested for the MDGN in 2017.

Viewers did their calculation, and questions came up as to how she could be 23 years in 2017 and 22 in 2020.

What about Nengi's parents?

Nengi once told the story of her life, where she talked about the tragic death of her parents. The young lady apparently didn't have a rosy life while growing up as she lost her father at the age of 2.

Life was never easy for the family, as her mother had to play the role of both parents. Though she wasn't educated, her mother did her best to see to it that her children got the best education.

Nengi further talked about moving to her aunt's house in Bayelsa. Sadly, that was when her mother died of kidney disease (that was two years ago).

Does Nengi have siblings?

Yes, Nengi has a sister who she speaks passionately about. With the death of her mum, her sister became the closest family.

Has Nengi been involved in any scandal in the BBNaija house?

Despite Nengi making comments like, "I get craze for head", "I cannot date a man that is too peaceful", till the point of this writing, one wouldn't say she has been involved in any major scandal.

However, she has been linked with some drama in the house. She has once exchanged words with Lucy, a fellow female housemate who claims she (Nengi) throws herself at the male housemates.

Nengi was also captured on camera telling one of the male housemates, Ozo that she doesn't mind having sex on national TV.

Is Nengi in a relationship?

Nengi, who emerged the first Head of House did reveal that she is in a relationship outside the house.

She didn't give details of her relationship or talk much about who she is dating. But while speaking with one of the female housemates Wathoni who she also picked as her deputy, she said;

"I have someone I am dating; he changed my life outside the house. So, why would I come here and disrespect him? I'm not going to do that".

Which of the male housemates is Nengi dating?

As of the time of this writing, Nengi is not in a relationship with any of the male housemates even though two of the housemates, Prince and Ozo had hit on her.

Nengi and the fellow housemate, Ozo

Prince didn't give a chase; he didn't stress it when she turned him down. Ozo, on the other hand, didn't seem to let go. At a point, Ozo was caught in a triangle between Dorothy (another female housemate) and Nengi. However, it was clear to viewers that even though Ozo appreciated Dora's friendship, he was physically attracted to Nengi.

Initially, people couldn't figure out what was going on between the duo (Ozo and Nengi) as they seemed to be playing games. At the early stage, it seemed Nengi was encouraging him.

She was once caught on camera flaunting her backside for him. In another occasion, when other housemates asked about the state of their relationship. Ozo said he was taking his time, while Nengi chipped in saying, "Time is going". Thus, encouraging him to "shoot his shot".

But, amid the whole drama, Nengi had made it clear that she wasn't interested in a relationship and wouldn't date him (Ozo). She once said to him, "You are too peaceful. I can't date you."

More things to know about Nengi

Nengi speaking about her biggest achievement, said, "Getting my B.Sc. So many times, I could have dropped out, but I persevered.

She also said she learnt new habits and skilled during the lockdown, which includes talking to herself and enjoying the conversation.

Nengi's words to live by: Live and let live

Nengi BBnaija Photos

Below are some of Nengi’s pictures

Nengi with her late mother, who died of kidney disease.

Nengi BBnaija Net Worth

How much is Nengi BBnaija Worth? Nengi’s Net Worth is currently on review. Nengi bought a Benz in 2016 when she was in Abuja. She also won More than 5000000 (five million naira) while in the Big Brother house.

Nengi BBnaija Social Media Handles

If you a fan Nengi fan or Royal Ninjas as they are fondly called, you can follow Nengi on Instagram using @Nengiofficial, you can also connect with her on Twitter and follow Nengi @Nengi_official.

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